For the last decade or so I've had "write an album of original music" on my goals list. I would think about it and talk about it but not sing about it.

The time we've made for ourselves out on the road has offered me the freedom to work with inspiration when it strikes. Not surprisingly, the more I sit down to work, the more inspiration I find.

Writing these songs has been a transformative experience for me, and I hope the result is something that will offer a similar listening experience.

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Stop Marketing, Start Selling

The basic value proposition of any business is to help people get what they want. A website is no different. Nobody watches TV for the commercials, or visits your website to check out your latest marketing campaigns. If they’re on your site, your marketing already worked. Now it’s time to help them get what they came for.

The future of effective web design (and profitable websites) begins with your customer. Creating web experiences that save them time will earn you more money. First, however, you have to know who they are, what they want, and how best to serve it to them. Whether you run an ecommerce site or lead generation site, this book will help you grow your revenues by better understanding and serving your prospects and customers.

Leverage The Good's battle-tested process to:

  • Build websites that stand the test of time
  • Create content that converts
  • Boost customer engagement
  • Overcome channel conflict
  • Win more loyal customers